How can you help?

With a sponsorship or a donation you can assist a young person as well as their family. Help us to reach our dream of a sustainable improvement in Africa.

Become a sponsor! Make it possible for a young person from Ghana or Uganda to obtain an education. If you wish you can be in direct contact with the student you assist to receive direct information about their wellbeing.

A full Scholarship is 200 Swiss Francs per month. It is possible how ever to offer to fund half or quarter Scholarships (100 or 50 Swiss Francs per month).

We are also thankful for any one-off donations or regular contributions that you can provide for our work.

Information on how to be part of fairSHARE’s cause is available through email and telephone.

Our Bankdetails:

We are a charitable Organisation registered with the Basel city tax office.

We can send you a deposit slip and later a contribution receipt.

Registration on the commercial register and a Zewo certification is planned in near future. At the moment our goal is to spend every Franc on the scholarships. All the costs for advertising have been covered by sponsors and board members. Every Franc reaches those that need it most.

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