Charity Campaign

Starting from May first 2012 you can buy our Charity bags! Thank You TanDan!

The unique prints were designed specifically for fairSHARE by TanDan et le Shirt.

Please support us by buying a bag for yourself and friends.

One bag costs 25.- Sfr plus 2.- Sfr postage. For more than three bags the postage is free.

Simply write us an email and we will send you the bag with a pay-in slip. White bags with green print and black bags with white print are available.



Your order will be sent to you when payment is received.

1 bag 27.- SFr (postpaid)
2 bags 52 .- SFr (postpaid)
3 bags 75 .-  (no postage payable)
4 bags 100 .- SFr (no postage payable)

Please write us an email with your address to receive your order promptly.

deposit slip: Einzahlungsschein fairSHARE

For questions please call: +41 79 9233994

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