What is fairSHARE?

We are a non profit organisation based in Basel with regional Focus on Africa (Uganda and Ghana).

With your help we provide scholarships for talented youth in African countries!

Neither the students, who mostly grew up in difficult circumstances, nor their guardians can afford university fees without assistance.

Education is essential and permits a life without poverty! It brings a change in people’s attitudes and enables sustainable change!

Education in Ghana and Uganda is very expensive. Tuition fees are hardly affordable for the average population. Many young people dream of studying but lack the financial means to do so. As a non-profit organization, we address this issue by providing scholarships for needy students. Among others we are closely linked with the street children’s home run by Missionfor All (MIFA) in Kampala (Uganda). Our board member Doreen Atim Oludii worked in this children’s home and knows the situation first hand.

In order to enable sustainable improvement the student obtains a full scholarship (no refunding). The condition is that he/ she lives and works in his/ her country for as long as he has been assisted by the organisation. If for example the student has studied for 5 years he/ she is required to stay for 5 years in his/ her country. Should the student decide to move to a developed country (e.g. Switzerland, Germany etc.) he/ she has the obligation to refund the scholarship pro rata depending on the length of time receiving funding.

The values of charity, fairness and self-determination are our driving forces. By providing well-directed financial aid in the academic area (international scholarships) we advocate independence, equal-opportunity and education.

We believe that independence can be gained by well-founded education. The young adults are independent when they obtain training and can provide for themselves and their dependants. Last but not least, sustainable aid is transmitted to the African country because education is one major key to building an intact society.
Our strength is our good network consisting of partners, scholars and fairSharers (former scholars).

Join Us! Give a young person the a livable future!

Impressions of Accra, where the University of Ghana is located:

Nkruma Memorial
Uni Accra Bibliothek
KAIPTC (Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center)

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