About us


Doreen Atim Oludii
  A social scientist who has worked in different Non Governmental Organisations in Uganda, her focus has always been on education and medical care. In her work, she has mostly dealt with street children, orphans in urban settings and the rural poor. Because of her experience both in Uganda and Germany. Ms Oludii has been able to develop her abilities in the cross-cultural field. This makes her a valuable link between the different cultures. As an Arts Management graduate she has obtained the indispensable knowledge required to manage an international organisation.
Katrin Moser
  An HR specialist and Coach ZIS (center for interdisciplinary system therapy) works as Head of Human Resources for an international company in Basel. Due to her long standing experience in this area she has a keen sense of people’s needs. Her well-grounded experience in recruiting will help in choosing eligible scholars. For a couple of years she has had the wish to assist less privileged but talented young people to pursue a training or academic career.
Partners / Staff
Dan Kolbilla
Dan works as a National Agrocultural Coordinator for the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Before this he was the director of Development and Social Services Northern Ghana for seven years. Dan obtained a Bachelor of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture as well as a Master’s degree in International Agriculture. He studied in the Netherlands, Canada and China. He has been actively involved in development aid for years, and is a boardmember in different projects (i.e. UNICEF and Presbyterian Church). Dan is our connection to Ghana, he lives in Accra with his wife.
Rogers Kigongo Rogers has been studying Accounting and Finance at Makerere University Kampala thanks to his fairSHARE scholarship since 2010. He will complete his bachelor’s degree in October 2013.
James Mutebi James studied Computer Science at the YMCA Comprehensive Institute Kampala. He graduated as the first fairSHARE scholarship holder in August 2012.
Rogers & James

Rogers (links) James (rechts)
The former street boys grew up in a street children’s home (Ebenezer) run by the Organisation Mission For All. There they got to know Ms Oludii who worked with them for some time. Both Mr. Kigongo and Mr. Mutebi already stood out in early years because of their focused and structured way of life. In the street children’s home they were looked after well. Unfortunately, the children will have to leave Ebenezer when they have completed their A-Levels. Often they have no means of coming up with the fees for further studies. This is where fairSHARE comes in. Rogers Kigongo and James Mutebi are now benefiting from the  fairSHARE sponsorship programme. Rogers and James are our volunteers in Uganda. As they were helped, they also want to assist other children. Due to the scholarship provided by fairSHARE these young people could make a further step away from the streets into a better and more secure life.